Patternshop, software created by designers for designers.

Because technology shouldn't hold creativity back, we have created an intuitive program, easy to access and which immediately meets the needs of its users.

Patternshop is a program thought up and designed by designers, taking their needs into account.

It is aimed at designers in the infographic, textile design, multimedia and interior design sectors:

Examples of applications:

Patternshop can be used in both the textile and multimedia graphic design fields.

Use Patternshop to create printouts for fashion, interior design and also monograms and complex graphic compositions.

Adjust the proportions of motifs on a tie, or flowers on a bathing suit, design a monogram for your brand, create sophisticated repetitions.

In the infographics sector, you can create textures for three dimensional models intended for animated films, video games and any other multimedia product.


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